Contingency Plans

Hi Team, Whiskey-6 Actual here!

Sorry for the long delay in posts- had a bad comm window and then celebrated Independence Day in style!

Sunday, 30 June marked the official transition into Idaho from Montana. I had ridden 70 or so miles along some terribly washboarded roads and called it quits just shy of the border near Red Rock Lake, alongside the Centennial Mountain Range. I ran into my Tasmanian friends, Mick and his wife Dan, who were traveling from Vancouver to Colorado.

That morning, I was adjusting my seat and re-arranging gear when the following happened:

I decided to ride the bike hard into Island Park, ID- even catching a couple bunny-hops along the fun singletrack. I planned to take a rest day and found a funky Chinese restaurant/Lodge across from the Chevron. I grabbed some chow and debated whether I should take the wheel off and assess the damage or just continue on hope and ignorance.

Well, the Donkey is indeed dead. That would make me the frustrated Ogre. The carbon frame can not be repaired adequately, especially in my locale. That left me with a few options:

1- Ship a replacement bike from San Diego, swap kit, and ship Donkey home. That would take about 5-days with the clock running on food and lodging expenses- plus the Bikeflights cost of $700 for shipping.

2- Try to get a warranty replacement from Santa Cruz quickly. Team Semper Fi jumped into the fray and offered to help, the problem was that there was no bike shop in the area- I was completely wrong in the video above.

3- Call for reinforcements. I have two fellow Marines who live in Boise, ID. If I can hitchhike or Greyhound bus to them I could get to a real bike shop and have more options.