The best way to support my mission and those that will follow is to donate to the charitable organizations listed below. I have hand-picked these organizations not only because of the tremendous impact they have made in my life, but also for their continued support to all veterans who seek their help. There is no need to be worried about fraud, waste, or abuse with these organizations; they are punching well above their weight and deserve your support.
— Major Doug Cullins, USMC (Ret)

Team semper fi

I have been a member of Team Semper Fi since 2014. TSF is but one small part of the Semper Fi Fund who is heavily involved in transition assistance for wounded Marines and sailors. They provide peerless veteran support and are staffed by professionals whose unwavering dedication is vouched for by every service member they assist.


wounded warrior support network

Beverly Trout is a dear friend whose heart and passion for helping wounded veterans and their families knows no bounds. She has cooked thousands of meals for military families and service members, including those hospitalized for treatment. She went on to found the Wounded Warrior Support Network and continues to provide her personal love and care to each family she encounters.


Mike Conklin founded Sentinels of Freedom after his son, a soldier in the U.S. Army, was wounded in combat. Sentinels of Freedom provides scholarships to combat-wounded veterans who are pursuing undergraduate and college degrees. His organization provides personal mentorship, career opportunities, and closes the gap between government G.I. Bill benefits and the reality of today’s college expenses.

When making a donation, please select “Sentinel Doug Cullins” from the “how did you hear about us” drop down menu.


Ainslie Kraeck and her wonderful team combine their valuable time, labor, and passion for horses into a special blend of healing for veterans and children with disabilities. She routinely partners with the VA to treat homeless and at-risk combat veterans. I am honored to serve our local veteran community as a board member.


Tony and his son, PGA professional Pat Perez, support combat-wounded veterans through the sport of Golf. Operation Game On provides invaluable lessons, mentorship and camaraderie to those who are able to participate. Upon graduation, Tony is able to fit many service members with custom clubs. The generosity of his donors goes a long way towards helping vets heal and learn to enjoy life again.

Tim and Shannon Maxwell pioneered the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Battalion and are the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. Tim is a combat-wounded Marine veteran and passionate advocate for wounded warriors. Shannon has been nationally recognized for her caregiving efforts. Click on the Semper Max link to learn more about these two American heroes!


Retired Marine Colonel Eric Hastings sought comfort following his grueling Vietnam deployments in the quiet waters near Bozeman, Montana. As a veteran warrior, he knows just what today’s wounded veterans and their families need. His organization, Warriors and Quiet Waters, sponsors fishing trips of all kinds, but the true magic happens when a veteran is surrounded by his team of loving caregivers and mentors.

The Mighty Oaks Foundation, founded by my good friend Chad Robichaux, has done more to help veterans recover and thrive than anyone I know outside of the medical community. His team of veterans and leading experts have created a faith-based program to help those suffering from PTSD and TBI. They have expanded their programs to include first responders and spouses. Shortly before I left for one of their Warrior Programs, I was told by a respected Marine and alumni, “Just keep an open mind…” He was right. I’ve never seen such a bond formed between veterans of different battles.